Wedding Gown Preservation

Preserving your wedding gown is such an important job—and it’s good to know Kean’s has the experience it takes.

Kean’s will clean your wedding dress, fold it, then box and seal the dress for long-term storage.

  • Your gown is carefully inspected for stains and other defects before beginning
  • A gentle cleaning process is used by trusted Kean’s professionals
  • We use a special museum-quality heirlooming box with acid free tissue to ensure the long-term integrity of the gown
  • A window on the front of the box will show the ironed front of the gown
  • If you reuse your gown within 5 years we will refinish and iron the gown without charge if you bring the gown to us in its original box.

While it may not be possible to re-live that magical day, it certainly is possible to keep an important piece of it. Make sure to include Kean’s expert gown preservation services in your post-wedding plans.