Dry Clean Presser

Position: Dry Clean Presser

Location: Gonzales, LA

Job Id: 351

# of Openings: 1

Dry Clean Presser

Location: Plant

Department: Dry Clean

Job Summary: The Dry Clean presser position requires someone who can operate commercial pressing equipment up to eight hours per day. They must be able to maintain a minimum speed per hour while continually pressing a high quality garment. The Dry Clean presser must also enjoy repetition and have above average dexterity.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Operate Pant Unit, Hot Head Press, Utility Press, Suzy, and various puff irons.
  • Understand the Lot System of processing Dry Cleaning
  • Understand how to properly sort colors
  • Understand the basics of garment construction
  • Must be able to load and unload and operate Dry Cleaning machines and commercial washing machines
  • Be able to recognize common spots and stains
  • Must press a minimum of 40 pants per hour or 35 Odds and Ends per hour before the end of 21 working days if no experience. A Dry Clean presser with experience must have the necessary minimum speed when hired. A well trained pant presser can reach 50 pants per hour and 40 odds and ends per hour.

Experience:Previous Experience is a plus but not necessary.

Other Information:

  • Dry Cleaning plants tend to be hot and noisy
  • Must have reliable transportation to work
  • Must have the ability to perform physical activity that may consist of considerable use of your arms and moving your whole body.

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