Utility Person

Position: Utility Person

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Job Id: 201

# of Openings: 1

Location: Plant

Department: Laundry or Dry Cleaning

Job Title: Utility Person


Job Summary: The utility person requires someone who can operate commercial Dry-clean machines, Commercial washing machines, load and unload clothes, separate clothes, inspect, assemble and bag customer orders. They must also perform basic touch-up on garments and replace buttons using a commercial button machine. This person also has good hand-eye coordination and the ability to identify and match tags on garments to customer orders. The function requires standing on you feet up to eight hours per day. They must have the ability to move at a moderately rapid pace and enjoy repetition.

Essential Functions

  • Operate Button replacing equipment
  • Perform touch-up work using steam iron or specialty touch-up presses
  • Understand the Lot System used in Laundry and Dry-cleaning
  • Understand how to properly sort colors
  • Understand the basics of garment construction
  • Be able to recognize common spots and stains

Experience: No previous experience necessary

Other Information

  • Dry Cleaning plants tend to be hot and noisy
  • Must have reliable transportation to work
  • Must have the ability to perform physical activity that may consist of considerable use of your arms and moving your whole body.

To apply for this job, please email jobs@keans.com