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Clothing Care Basics

Clothing care starts the moment you begin to shop … Start caring:

  • By choosing the right fabric and fit for your lifestyle
  • By reading the care label on each garment, before you buy
  • By recognizing stains – and their origins – and knowing if they require pre-treatment, and then dry cleaning or wet cleaning (in water)
Recognizing water-based stains

Water-based stains from soda, coffee, and wine usually have a ring around the outside.

Recognizing Oil-based stains

Oil-based stains from food oils, French fry grease, and mayonnaise are absorbed into the fabric and do not have a ring. These stains can be set by soap and water and usually require dry cleaning.

What to do with stains

If you identify these stains, take them to the cleaner within 48 hours or so, and then point them out to your drycleaner, most of your spots will come out!

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