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Clothing Care Basics: Part 2

You now know that water-based stains have a ring around the outside and that oily stains look absorbed and do not have a ring, so we can move on!

Waitresses, flight attendants, and most hosts assume that club soda has curative powers, which is true to some extent, but let’s get the facts right.

The Club Soda Myth “It works on everything”
  1. Club soda can help to breakup and loosen water based stains such as soda, wine and coffee, but it can spread stains and make your drycleaner’s job more difficult
  2. Club soda, while loosening some spills, can also cause dyes to bleed and run when used on silk and other fragile fabrics – especially with deep colors such as red, black and purple
  3. Do not use club soda on any oily stains (butter, mayonnaise, French fry grease), as it may “set the stain” and make future removal impossible.

When using club soda or water, never rub the as it can “rough up” the fabric and cause dulling. BLOT gently, only, and never rub!

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