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Colored Stains

Should paint, lipstick, blood, mustard and other "colored" stains be treated like any "typical" sugar or food stain?

No. As a rule, colored become "absorbed" into the fiber and tend to "bleed" or spread before they can be improved or removed. Some of these stains are "water-based and some are "oil-based," but they can all be stubborn and difficult to remove from most colors and fabrics.

First, assess the type of fabric, the color, and the size of the stain. Stains that are larger than a "drop or a swipe" should be taken to your drycleaner, without question. "Colored" stains can ruin clothing, so don't try and be a hero. If you feel that you must do something at home, then follow these safety steps:

  1. Blot the stain with a dry white cloth - but do NOT rub.
  2. Using a clean area of the cloth, keep blotting until the stain stops bleeding
  3. Re-assess the stain, and then wash or dryclean as you see fit.

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