Shirts & Casual Wear


Once the cornerstone of our business, we clean and press our customers’ shirts with great pride and dedication. There’s nothing better than shirts perfectly cleaned and pressed for that “like new” look, every time.

The Kean’s Perks

  • Brilliant, perfect shirts every time. Guaranteed.
  • Collars and cuffs pressed to perfection
  • Expert stain removal by highly trained professionals
  • Free button replacement. Guaranteed.
  • Carefully folded or on hangers: Your choice
  • Over 100 years experience
  • Complete satisfaction is always guaranteed

Casual Wear

Even casual wear can be a nuisance to clean and take care of at home. Let Kean’s take the pressure off. We’ll gladly clean your casual wear items using a gentle process that provides beautiful results with a consistency that’s hard to match at home.


Laundry bundle service

A laundry service for items that require washing, fluff drying and folding for shelf storage. Ideal for the person or family on the go.


Tie it all together with a VIP Express bag

VIP Express Bag Service

Any of the above services work even better when you sign up for a VIP Express bag. Save time by bringing in your express bag, dropping it off and walking away. No lines, no hassle. Find out more